It has been said that the name “Tarot” came from the Egyptian words “tar”, meaning “royal”, and “ro”, meaning “road”, and the Tarot therefore represents the “royal road” to wisdom.

Each mystical card denotes a particular symbol that carries its own meaning and interpretations. Tarot Reading is simply diving into the river of the unconscious at the present moment, to better understand Life’s present situations and how they will influence our future.

The Tarot reader often asks the querent(person who wishes for a reading) to shuffle the deck of cards, simply for the cards to pick up the person’s energies and to reveal with clarity the different Life situations, problems, possibilities and outcomes.

Nothing is set in stone, and the future changes with the right steps we take in the present. Tarot enables us to make the right decisions where we are now, by giving us a glimpse into the mystical river of time.

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