Numerology is an ancient Indian Science, based on thousands of years of mystical journey of our sages in India. In combination with modern mathematics, numerology is today creating magic in people’s lives. Gaining wealth in life is next to good health and people resort to all sorts of ways to make money. However, numerology when effectively used for starting any business can do wonders in getting your business profits. Here, I want to discuss regarding businesses but not about jobs or service, business means where you are solely responsible for your profit or loss. We have seen that even without proper education, some people have achieved tremendous success in their business endeavours because of the magic of numerology. Numerology in business is applied to business names, owner names, partner names, business starting dates, goods procurement dates, deal signing dates, and many other aspects. Not every number will work for a person in improving his/her business, the birth date and life path of the person has to be considered. Let us discuss regarding some favourable numbers that can be used in business.

The Power of Divine 9 in Numerology

Number 9 is considered as the number of divinity. It is the luckiest among all the numbers for business. This number represents the power of nature. The powerhouse numbers namely 27 & 45 in the 9 series will have a magical effect on your business. Number 18 is considered unlucky for relationships and hence, it is not taken into account for businesses.
27 and 45 are unbeatable numbers with the divine qualities they process. These numbers can not only be used in business but can also be applied to every aspect of life. People who are born on 5, 14, 23 and 9, 18, 27 can make most out of the 9 series. Number 27 is the root of all occult studies and number 45 represents wisdom and intelligence. Some top companies with name number as 9 are Ford Motor, International Business Machines (IBM), Wal-Mart stores, Valero Energy, AT&T and FedEx.

The Incredible Number 51

Number 6 represents Venus, who is the lord of good fortune and wealth. Many of the top fortune 500 companies have their business names with number 51. This number makes the business highly profitable and its business owner invincible. The power of this number is limitless as it denotes the inner strength of the human soul. Some of the world-famous companies with business names in 51 are General Motors, Berkshire Hathaway and others.
The other fortunate numbers in the 6 series are 42, 15, 24, 87 and all of them are good for business. The numbers in 6 series are compatible with all birth numbers, but they are very good for people born on 6 and other 6 series numbers or people with 6 life path.
6, 5, 9 and 1 series numbers are the best numbers for business names and most of the fortune 500 companies have their business names in these series.

Number 33 – The number of Kubera (The Lord of wealth)

Number 33 is the most fortunate number for keeping business names and it will bring prosperity to your business, but it may not suit everybody. It will bring luck in business to people born on 6, 15 and 24. More than for people born on these numbers, it will bring a greater fortune to people with life path 6. In general, all people can use these 6 series for their business names but it will be particularly fruitful for people born on dates of 6 series numbers and people with life path 6.
Some of the world-famous companies in the six series are Dell with the name value of 15, WellPoint with the name value of 42, Walt Disney with the name value of 33, Verizon Communications with the name value of 42 and Caterpillar with the name value of 33. These five companies are in the top 50 of fortune 500 companies list.

The Incredible 8

The number 8 is a mystical number representing the power of Saturn and it can prove lucky if carefully evaluated and selected for the business name. Number 8 is not good for all, only those whose lives are greatly influenced by Saturn can make use of 8 for their business. Even in such cases, if the Saturn is in a strong position then he will make the business flourish for a person and if the Saturn is in an ill position, then he will demolish your business. Hence, always take the opinion of experts on this matter. Some of the companies with name value as 8 in Fortune 500 companies are Sun Microsoft with the name value 53, Exxon Mobil with the name value 44, Time Warner with the name value 35, Morgan Stanley with the name value 44, Hewlett-Packard with the name value 62 and Citigroup with the name value 35. The top 12 out of top 25 in the fortune 500 companies list have name number in the 8 series. Hence, we can infer that Saturn is a powerful planet who can make or break anyone’s fortune.

The Fabulous 5

Number 5 is considered as the universal benefactor. It suits everybody irrespective of their date of birth and life path in improving their business. All for all kinds of activities except for marriage can use this number. 23, 32, 41, 50 and 68 are the important numbers in five series and among them, number 23 is the most powerful number in numerology. Number 32 is called as the Vikramaditya number due to its strong appeal.
Number 41 and 32 are also very lucky and are similar to each other. Though number 23 is the star number, it is rarely used in keeping business names as few companies only have their business names with 5 or 6 letters. Some of the fortune 500 companies with their name in 5 series are Goldman Sachs Group with name value 68, McKesson with name value 32, Airbus Giants Boeing with name value 23, Wells Fargo with name value 41, CVS Caremark with name value 32 and General Electric with name value 50.
Hence, with these suggestions, I want to conclude the blog by saying that numerology is a mystical and ancient science, which will open the doors to your future good fortunes if followed correctly. Please contact genuine numerology experts like Celestial Space India for 100% accurate numerology suggestions.