The FIRST CHAKRA is located at the base of the spine known as muladhar chakra / root chakra, the coccygeal center, also known as “Muladhara.” This chakra is connected with the energies of Saturn. The gemstone associated with Saturn is the blue sapphire. According to the strength of Saturn in a horoscope, the impulses arising out of this chakra influence the inner psychic life of the individual in a harmonious or inharmonious manner.

The SECOND CHAKRA is situated in the genital region, the sacral center, and is known as “Svadbisthana”. This chakra is associated with enjoyment, taste, devotion, upliftment, and is ruled by Jupiter. It influences the native relative to the strength of Jupiter in the natal chart. The gemstone for Jupiter is yellow sapphire, citrine and yellow topaz.
Essentially, these two chakras lay the foundation of life. While they are linked to material aspects, their function is to transform the material into the spiritual. As such, the strength of Saturn and Jupiter in a horoscope is essential for spiritual elevation and the enjoyment of bliss. Conversely, weak and afflicted Saturn and Jupiter in a natal horoscope indicate excess

The THIRD CHAKRA is found in the naval region and is named “Manipura” or the solar plexus. It governs the digestive system and is ruled by Mars. The gem stone for mars is red coral. When Mars is adversely disposed in a horoscope, this chakra will display a lower rate of metabolism or a restless and impulsive nature due to excess heat in the system. A well-placed Mars generally brings good health, vigor, and the capacity to handle work and responsibility.

The FOURTH CHAKRA is located in-the dorsal region in the heart and is named “Anahata” or the heart chakra. It governs the breath and psychic disposition, imparting virtue and is related to the Sun. The gem stone for Sun is ruby / manik / red garnet .When the Sun is well placed in a horoscope the native will be truthful, noble and aristocratic in character. The native can build the mind and soul connect.

The FIFTH CHAKRA is in the cervical region of the neck and is named “Vishuddha” or the throat chakra. It governs the mind and is ruled by planet Venus. The gemstone for Venus is diamond / white sapphire / crystalline / white topaz. When Venus is well-placed in a horoscope, the native can avoid danger and disease and come to possess a compassionate and forgiving attitude. An ill-disposed Venus leads to a craving for material possessions, instills a pleasure seeking attitude and makes the mind full of desire and subject to allurements. In this way, Vishuddha guides and elevates the inner spirit of Venus towards all higher values, sensitivities and refinements if its rays are harmoniously arranged within the natal chart.

The SIXTH CHAKRA is situated between the eyebrows in the region of the forehead and is called “Ajna” chakra or the third eye chakra. This chakra governs the conscious mind and will power, and is related to intuition, love and bliss. It is ruled by planet Mercury and the gemstone for it is emerald / green onyx / zade .When Mercury is in a beneficial position in a horoscope, the native can develop intuitive powers and attain a blissful state of consciousness, full of poise and piety. Inversely, an afflicted Mercury denotes a dull mind, and a selfish and cunning attitude full of ignorance and envy.

The SEVENTH CHAKRA is situated in the upper region of the brain and is named “Sahasrara” chakra or the crown chakra or the “thousand petaled lotus.” It indicates pure consciousness on the Nirvana plane, the state of ecstasy in which the soul finds its identity with the Absolute and gains final emancipation from the chain of birth and death. This chakra is related to the Moon and the gemstone for moon is pearl or moonstone. A benefic Moon in a good relation with Jupiter, the planet of Divine grace, brings a wave of brilliant and sparking rays that gives access to the abode of supreme Divinity. Such a moon can harmonize the native’s life with the Absolute by invoking a mental rapport with the Earth.