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Astrology is Considered as one of the most ancient sciences. Astrology believes in the interconnections of all things. Our vedic astrology services are a way to decipher this mystic connection and how you can find your unique path through it.

Business Prospect Report is an analysis of your business life. This report is a guide for those who want to enter into business. Is this business suitable for you or not? If not, what is the suitable business, what are the lucky colours, numbers, direction, name suggestion, etc? It is also analysis of doshas in your birth chart which may cause problems in a successful business and gives suggestions of remedies.

With the guidance of astrology, you can know which are the careers you will make you successful. Plan your career moves taking into consideration the planetary movements and see the growth of your career.
If you’re going through a rough patch, this report will tell you when it will get over. Also, whether you could diversify or get into a new field. You can also know whether or not you will get an increment / promotion and whether you should stay in the present company or change.

This report gives you an insight to your child’s horoscope covering their mentality, health, education, marriage, career etc. This gives a thorough analysis of your child and with this information you can plan your child’s life. Through this report, you will get a detailed analysis of their doshas and its possible remedies.
This service is specially designed for the youth. This report is helpful for those who are studying or searching for a job, those who are trying to go abroad and not having success in these areas. It gives you detailed information about your education like suitable fields of education, is there any scope for higher education, what will be the career and how will the career be, is there any chance of going abroad for education or job, etc.
This Family Forecast Report can provide an inner look in to your family. This report will make you better understand your family. It also tells their future, financial prospects, health, education, career etc. Our Family Forecast Report provides a detailed prediction of your family members based on their birth charts. It gives an analysis of their health, education, career, finance, marriage and doshas. This analysis is maximum for 4 family members and provides remedies and predictions for one person only. Kindly do not give details of relatives or friends as this report is only for immediate family members.

Are health problems troubling you? We could help you overcome the adverse periods and suggest appropriate remedial solutions to improve your health. Ask for our exclusive Health Report, which will give complete and exhaustive insights, facts and figures of your health in the future. Know about your future health condition and more as mentioned in your horoscope and analyzed by us. All possible aspects and questions would be answered through our personalized report.
Due care is taken while analyzing your horoscope and suggesting unique and usually inexpensive remedies in solving all kinds of health problems. Our remedies are completely safe and give the desired results.

Our Marriage Prospect Report gives a detailed report of your marriage. Through this report you can know the nature of your life partner, personality, education, career of your spouse, possible timing of marriage and direction of life partner, doshas and remedies for removing obstacles in getting married. This report is especially helpful for those who are having troubles in getting married.
Astrology can help you making a good match for life partnerships. We will give you a compatibility report according to vedic astrology.
Our New Born Baby Report is specially designed for parents who want to know about their new born child. This report contains details of Rashi, Nakshatra and other Panchanga details, Janma Namakshar, suitable letters for the name, results of birth star, checking for birth time Nakashatra, Gandanta and other Balarishta doshas and basic charts.
If you don’t know your date of birth, your time of birth or you have improper birth details, this birth time rectification report is for you. You only need to give us your day, month, year and place of birth along with the approximate time of your birth. You could tell us whether you were born in early morning, after noon, evening, night, mid night etc. Along with these details you need to give us some of your events which happened in your life in past along with the approximate time/day/month.

A Personal Forecast Report is an astrological overview of your entire life. It gives a detailed analysis of your nature, life style, career, family, health etc. Since this report is based on your janma-kundali/ horoscope, it is essential to have the correct birth details to get this report accurate.
This report provides a thorough analysis of the following: your astrological details, analysis on nature, personality, life style, health, career, family, fortune, finance, future forecast, doshas and remedies.

Remedial Astrology Report is a unique way to find out the cause of our problems. This report explains the reasons and their solutions to our problems based on your birth chart. Vedic astrology describes about the sins done by us in the previous birth or this birth. This report also deals with the special yogas and planetary combinations, positions causing problems to us. The Remedial Astrology Report also includes sade sathi dates and details of remedies to be done in sade sathi period. You will receive a detailed report of doshas and remedies based on your birth chart.

“I have always not believed in divination,fate,luck and all such things but after I met you and read you writing I started to follow and believe in such things. And your prediction amused me and made me believe in this more.Now I strongly believe that everything that happens in life is for a reason and the credit goes to you. And I thank you from my whole heart for showing me the right way”

Pramod Shridhar

Real Estate Businessman, Bangalore

We embrace the various aspects of life – from mental well being, physical health to stress management and spiritual abundance, giving solutions that are unique to your requirements. Our aim is to inspire and bring about the changes that can enable you to celebrate your life.

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