Tarot Professional Course


Duration: 20 hours

After attending this Tarot workshop, you will be able to understand the Tarot with clarity and proficiency. You would have developed a connection with the cards themselves, through meditation and a deeper understanding of their various faces. We also teach you how to develop a bond with your client, so that you and those around you are amazed and benefited by your Tarot expertise.

ONLINE TRAINING: Comprises Email Interactions, Online Chat Classes and email PDF of all course material. 20 hour course takes twelve weeks of online interactions including 6 hours of chat sessions and 14 hours of assignments/ email interactions.


Contents of the course :

  1. History of Tarot
  2. How Tarot works
  3. How Tarot is useful in Day-to-Day Life
  4. Major Arcana
  5. Minor Arcana
  6. Detailed meaning of all 78 cards
  7. Reversal meaning of cards
  8. Tarot as self-help guidance
  9. Meditation and getting connected with cards
  10. Shuffling techniques
  11. Tarot as divination tool
  12. Tarot and Crystal
  13. Energising and empowerment of cards
  14. Advanced spreads like relationship spread, charka spread, Celtic cross
  15. Client reading skills
  16. Introduction to various tarot decks
  17. choosing your deck
  18. Two practicing session after completion of your course


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