Diploma Course in Tarot


Duration: 6 months

These lesson will be send in study material and in form of books and after conducting online examination with case study and tarot spreads. Certificate of diploma in tarot will be issued to students.


  • Lesson 1 This lesson will give an introduction to various divination methods. It shall make a students understand Tarot symbolism and basics of Tarot Reading practices.
  • Lesson 2 This lesson aims at explaining Tarot Cards and its various interpretations. It shall also cover many techniques that teach prediction using Tarot Cards.
  • Lesson 3 This lesson further introduces more Tarot Cards with their interpretations. Again it shall also cover many techniques of prediction, interpretations and deep meanings using Tarot Cards.
  • Lesson 4 This is a very advanced and practical part that covers many types of spreads for Reading Tarots for solutions and querying about many questions. It also teach knowing past influences, current position and future trends. Advanced topics like Tarot and Astrology, Tarot and Vastu, Tarot and Feng Shui and Remedial aspects are also covered in this in this module.
  • Lesson 5 Tarot with Gems, Crystals and Stones: This module cover Tarot Reading using precious and semi-precious stones. As crystals catch vibrations so they are very effective tools for doing Tarot Reading. This module will also cover knowing crystal, their cleaning and preparation for Tarot Reading.
  • Lesson 6 Tarot Methods includes many age old ancient techniques that were used in ancient time for divination and future telling. Also learn methods, practices and techniques and enhance or awaken your intuition and sixth sense to become a powerful Tarot Reader.
  • Lesson 7 Chinese Tarot Reading Part 1: This module shall cover 5 elements, basic concepts, elements & their mutual relations. Tai-chi and the various trigrams and basics of doing Chinese tarot is also covered in this module.
  • Lesson 8 Chines Tarot Reading Part 2: Many concepts, theories and reading Chinese Tarot is covered in this module. It shall take a student from start to the deeper aspects of this system.
  • Lesson 9 Chines Tarot Reading Part 3: In this module student shall get a fine turning about reading and interpretations on Chinese Tarot methods. Various dowsing tools and their uses.
  • Lesson 10 Dowsing Part 1: This module will cover one of the most fascinating tools of Divination which is known as Dowsing. It only needs practice, and concentration. This module will cover the concepts, various dowsing tools and their uses.
  • Lesson 11 Dowsing Part 2: this module shall cover mastering dowsing techniques. This shall also cover which dowsing instrument will suit you. Practical applications of dowsing and finding water is land using dowsing.
  • Lesson 12 Advanced Divination methods: This module shall cover very advanced divination methods and remedial aspects. Dowsing of plans for finding problems and recommending solutions without and knowledge of Astrology. An advanced and intelligent dowsing tool Lecher Antenna based on ACMOS (Analysis of Compatibility of Matter on Organisms and its Synergy method will be introduced.


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