Get a deeper insight into your own journey with tarot.

Online Tarot Course For Beginners

Discover The Meanings Within Each Of The Tarot Cards And Unlock the Secrets of Tarot From the Comfort Of Your Own Home. Our new, easy to follow online Tarot Beginners’ course takes you step by step through each of the Tarot Cards, showing you how to read and interpret the Tarot for yourself and others, and putting you firmly on the road to becoming a confident and knowledgeable Tarot card reader. Who is the Beginners’ Tarot Course for? Beginners’ Tarot is all about increasing your knowledge of the definitions and symbols of the Tarot. If you are A newcomer to the world of tarot who has no or limited knowledge of Tarot and wants to learn more! Interested in using Tarot in conjunction with your own field, or Interested in learning how to read your own tarot spreads Then the Beginners’ Tarot course is for you! In this course we first familiarize you, by introducing you to the new and unknown magical world of Tarot, by diving into its history, to see how it works and then setting you off, by teaching you techniques and card spreads, so that you have taken your glorious first steps into Tarot.

Tarot and Numerology Combo Course

This course has been especially designed by Sneha Parihar the reputed and experienced tarot practitioner, for people from all walks of life who wish to have the occult as their part-time or perhaps a full time profession. This course is an amazing way to step into this field, as you will be able to combine the mystical powers of a Tarot card reader and the analytical side of a Numerology. The curriculum is all about the knowledge and finer skills that you need yourself, while handling every type of client.

After attending the Tarot Numerology combo workshop, you would have formed a mystical bond with the Tarot cards and the world of numbers. You will be able to perceive your clients and their needs. It will not only lead you into a marvelous fresh world for your own spiritual satisfaction, but it will also set you off on the professional path as a Tarot reader and numerologist.

Diploma Course in Tarot

The Tarot diploma Course is both simple and elegant, consisting of 12 lessons, each one carefully organized so that you develop your own Tarot reading style and understanding, while incorporating the knowledge and experience of traditional Tarot wisdom. Students will be expected to go over each lesson and perform the set homework and exercises, which will then be submitted to the tutor. Feedback will be given, including the opening of further discussions on the subject; expert advice is easily accessible as you will be able to email your tutor any questions you have about the course as you go through it. All you need to do is demonstrate that you have carefully and conscientiously done all the exercises contained in the lessons. By undertaking this course with a tutor, you are given further impetus to complete it thoroughly and have guidance when you are confused. To complete the course you will undergo an examination that is not designed to test you, but rather to raise your own confidence and understanding of yourself as a Tarot reader – your strengths, style and weaknesses. This will consist of: a quiz to highlight your best areas of knowledge, a completed Tarot journal and records of at least ten Tarot readings performed for others, with feedback from the querents as well as your own notes. When you have done this, we will know that your experience of Tarot has expanded and deepened to such an extent that you will truly have learned. At the end of this correspondence course you will feel able to read and interpret the cards, as a practiced well-versed Tarot expert.

Tarot Professional Course

For those who have already dabbled in the world of Tarot and wish to have a far deeper understanding, this professional course is a comprehensive study and understanding on the wisdom of Tarot. The ancient Tarot has many facets and we will peer at those mysteries deeply. Together, we unravel and explore the many shuffling techniques and teach you how to meditate and connect with the cards, so that you are able to read the cards as an experienced skilled Tarot reader.

After attending this Tarot workshop, you will be able to understand the Tarot with clarity and proficiency. You would have developed a connection with the cards themselves, through meditation and a deeper understanding of their various faces. We also teach you how to develop a bond with your client, so that you and those around you are amazed and benefited by your Tarot expertise.