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Experience the magic of the esoteric world with us.

Celestial Space India caters to the myriad facets of the mind body spirit, just like each individual star goes on to form a marvelous galaxy. We believe in Life’s abundance, and endeavor to bring about joy, peace, happiness, harmony and balance through a holistic approach on life. Life is a delicious pie, and every little ingredient is equally important to make it whole. With this emphasis on Mind, Body and Soul, we equally embrace the various aspects, from mental well being, physical health to stress management and spiritual abundance. Our aim is to inspire and bring about the changes, that enables people to celebrate their lives.

Our vision is to guide and help you in finding your own unique way. We look forward to support you, help you gain clarity, find your direction and purpose. We look forward to be a part of your journey; inspire you to move into a better space & be more happy, from the moment you connect with us.

Astrology Services

Astrology is the study of the stars and the heavenly bodies, to better understand our lives on earth. We study the movement of these stars and heavenly bodies and how they will impact your life in general or a specific aspect in particular

Numerology Services

Harmony between numbers plays a huge role in our lives. Numerology consultations are for those who believe in the magic of numbers.

Tarot Reading

We provide various Tarot services like career tarot report, celtic cross reading, online tarot sessions, yearly tarot reading, three card tarot reading, consultation over telephone, divination reading – ask a question about a specific field, tarology report, personalized tarot reading etc.

Tarot Academy

Online Tarot Academy is a platform dedicated to the art of tarot reading. Here, through an in-depth personalised engagement, you can understand what the future holds for you through the reading of the cards. At the same time, you too can dive deeper by learning the fine art of tarot through the interactive online courses.

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