Sneha Parihar, Professional Tarot Reader

“My journey with myself has been quite an adventurous one, learning and re-learning various aspects of life. I always felt my purpose in life is to help others through healing and guiding in whatever ways possible, learnt from my own experiences.”

The widely reputed and loved practitioner, Sneha Parihar’s philosophy is a simple one; she wants to see people happy. It is this truth that has been her driving wind, sailing her ship forth into the vast and magical seas of Tarot. The journey of a waterfall begins with a stream, and so did Sneha’s with her own calling to explore the alluring mystical world of Tarot. An inner urge asked her to delve deeper, read, interpret and journey into the mystical Tarot. Destiny revealed its door when it knew she was ready, to see what it held. In her own journey, she soon began to realize that happiness is only real when it’s shared, and this was how she came to be a Tarot reader. The past eight years has seen her add joy and meaning to many lives. Her list of clientele are diverse and varied, from movie stars to home makers and from students to businessmen/professionals. Sneha’s experiences have enabled her with the skill and expertise to bring harmony and balance into the lives of others. Sneha who holds a business degree, went on to gain a post-graduate diploma in Numerology and Gems and Crystals, a Masters in Feng shui and Chinese Astrology courses from Maharishi College of Vedic Astrology, Udaipur. A lover of life and its many faces, Sneha’s passion for creative expression spills over into the arts and crafts. A mother of three adorable children, her life is colored by their laughter and playfulness. An avid reader, adventurer and traveller, she is a believer in the magic of the moment, her deepest wish to see those around her smile and feel special, whoever they may be. Her desire to bring love, light and happiness to everyone is what has carved her destiny, as a practitioner. Anyone can be benefited if they have a deeper insight of their lives, and she aims to help people understand the different aspects that make up life – Love, Work, Dreams, Joy, Inner peace, Good health and well-being, all of which are important pillars in the temple of happiness. Sneha holds Tarot readings, Tarot classes, Astrological consultations, Telephone readings, Gem and Rudraksha therapy, Feng shui readings, Angel therapy, Name suggestions and Numerology readings.

“Be open to grace and listen to your intuition, acknowledge your experiences either good or bad, that’s when life brings forth your true heart desires and dreams come true.”

“Tarot is always whispering to you. Tarot weaves truth, stories, secrets, and tales. All you need to do is slow down and listen.”